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Biohazard: A Look at China’s Biological Capabilities and the Recent Coronavirus Outbreak

By Corey Pfluke


Biotechnology:  An Era of Hopes and Fears
By LTC Douglas R. Lewis, PhD, US Army


Book Review: BioTerror in the 21st Century: Emerging Threats in a New Global Environment

By Harold Laurence, Army Command and General Staff College


CSAT 70: Blue Horizons IV: Deterrence in the Age of Surprise
By John P. Geis II, PhD, Col, USAF, Retired et al.


Deterring Emerging Technologies

By Col John P. Geis II, PHD, USAF, Retired and Col Theodore C. Hailes, USAF, Retired


Emerging Technology:  Creator of Worlds
By W. Michael Guillot


The Emerging Life Sciences and the National Security State
By Jonathan D. Moreno


The Illogic of the Biological Weapons Taboo

By Phillip M. McCauley and Rodger A. Payne


Technology Horizons: A Vision for Air Force Science and Technology 2010–2030

             By Office of the US Air Force Chief Scientist


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Chemical & Biological Warfare Research Guide


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            Biological Weapons, Bioterrorism, Chemical Terrorism, and Chemical Warfare

By Multiple AU authors (Requires NIPR to access full-text)


Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies

Agroterrorism and Foot-And-Mouth Disease: Is the United States Prepared?

By Maj Michael E. Peterson, USAF


Avoiding Panic and Keeping the Ports Open in a Chemical and Biological Threat Environment

By Tanja M. Korpi and Christopher Hemmer


Bio-Defense Now: 56 Suggestions for Immediate Improvements: Final Report 85% Biological Defense Project

By Maj Tash L. Pravecek, USAF and Jim A. Davis, eds.


Biotechnology: Genetically Engineered Pathogens

By Lt Col Joel O. Almosara, USAF


Department of Defense Biological Threat Responses to the 2009-2010 H1N1 Influenza Outbreak: A Real World Exercise

By Laura E. Peitersen, Calli S. Levin, and Allison G. Jones


Lest We Forget: A Critical Analysis of Bioterrorist Incidents, National Exercises, and US Prevention, Response and Recovery Strategies

By Lt Col Tasha L. Pravecek, USAF


Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW

By Michael J. Ainscough


Public Resilience in CBRN Events: Lessons Learned from Seven Cases

By Michelle L. Spencer, Lt Col Michael T. Kindt, USAF, and Megan P. Stans


Surveillance And Detection: A Public Health Response to Bioterrorism

By Barbara F. Bullock


The Impact of Quarantine on Military Operations

By Col Robert I. Miller, USAF


The Shaping of the United States Biodefense Posture
By Lt Col Douglas R. Lewis, PhD, US Army


The “Worried Well” Response to CBRN Events: Analysis and Solutions

By Lt Col Fred P. Stone, USAF





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