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AF Symposium Series 2010-2, Future Operator Symposium Proceedings

  • Published
  • By Col David “Scott” Johnson, USAF, and Brian Landry, PhD

In July 2009 the Air Force Research Institute invited more than 270 active duty personnel, 14 general officers, and Department of Defense civilians to a “Future Operator Symposium” at Maxwell Air Force Base. The objective was to discuss what operators should look like in the future by exploring developmental, training, and educational issues the Air Force may face in the next 7–10 years. To address these issues, the symposium offered 14 working groups/seminars to define the term operator, determine future operator competencies, and specify operator developmental, educational, and training recommendations to the commander, Air Education and Training Command.


AuthorCol David “Scott” Johnson, USAF, and Brian Landry, PhD
AU Press CodeAP-2010-2
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