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News and Events: September 2022

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Monthly Observance

September marks the 75th anniversary of the United States Air Force. This month we celebrate the many achievements the USAF has accomplished and look back at our history to see just how far we've come. With new information coming out all the time, be sure you stay in the know by following Air University Press on social media or through our newsletter.

As the US Air Force celebrates its 75th Birthday on the 18th this month (1947-2022), we also celebrate the many contributions and sacrifices by both women and men of the United States Air Force. At Air University Press, we appreciate those that serve or who have served in our armed forces that fight for justice and our freedom. Come see our selection of books at the AUP Book Store.

Key Dates

  • Sep 05 – Labor Day: Take the day to relax!
  • Sep 11 – Patriot Day: A time to remember our fallen friends, family, and heroes.
  • Sep 18 – USAF Birthday: Happy birthday to the US Air Force!
  • Sep 30 – International Podcast Day: If you love podcasts, be sure to check out the ones created by AUP.

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