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No Cost Books

All AU Press publications are online and free to download:

Print copies of AU Press publications are available at no cost to active duty, total force, retired military, libraries and research centers, Department of Defense personnel and DoD organizations and agencies.

To order print publications, fill out the Contact Us form, e-mail us directly at, or call 334-953-2773 (DSN 493).

Refer to the AU Press code number at the end of the full publication synopsis (e.g., B-155, CPP-2, AU-2).

NOTE: Some publications are only available in electronic format.

Bookstore Location

The Air University Press Bookstore is located in the front lobby of the Air University Library,
Maxwell AFB. Montgomery, AL - USA.

Air University Press
600 Chennault Circle
Building 1405
Maxwell AFB
Montgomery, AL 36112 - 6010