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News and Events: October 2022

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Monthly Observance

This October, we're featuring our AUP Book Store and all the available information readily available through its doors. Come see our selection in building 1405. Interested in getting your work published with us? See our Submission Guidelines to learn how. With new information coming out all the time, be sure you stay in the know by following Air University Press on social media or through our newsletter.

As the US Air Force celebrates its 75th Birthday this year (1947-2022), we also celebrate the many contributions and sacrifices by both women and men of the United States Air Force. At Air University Press, we appreciate those that serve or who have served in our armed forces that fight for justice and our freedom.

Key Dates

  • Oct 10 – Columbus Day: Take the day to relax!
  • Oct 13 – Navy Birthday: Happy birthday to our good friends at the Navy!
  • Oct 31 – Halloween: Have a spooky, fun night!

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