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ITOW: Air Force Tactical Logistics

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The “In Their Own Words” series is dedicated to translations of Chinese documents in order to help non-Mandarin speaking audiences access and understand Chinese thinking. CASI would like to thank all of those involved in this effort. 

In the “In Their Own Words” series, CASI and its collaborators aim to provide Chinese texts that illustrate thoughtful, clearly articulated, authoritative foreign perspectives on approaches to warfare at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. 

 This translation and publication does not constitute approval by any U.S. Government organization of the contents, inferences, findings and conclusions contained therein. Publication is solely for the exchange and stimulation of ideas.   


Air Force tactical logistics is an integral part of Air Force logistics, and it is the logistics that guarantees the construction and operation of Air Force tactical units, units, and detachments. It mainly includes air force air depots and ground force divisions, brigades, and regimental logistics, as well as battalion and company logistics. Because the Air Force is a branch of the armed forces composed of many arms, air tactical logistics can be divided into air force aviation logistics, ground-to-air missile logistics, antiaircraft artillery logistics, radar logistics, communications logistics, and airborne logistics. In the practice and study of the logistics work of the Air Force, for the sake of convenience in work and research, people usually merge the logistics of the arms of the armed forces that are similar in nature and have many similar support contents, and refer to them as aviation logistics, air force ground force logistics, and airborne force logistics. The discipline that studies and expounds the internal contradictions of the Air Force tactical logistics movement and the connection with the outside world and guides the practice of the Air Force tactical logistics is called the Air Force tactical logistics. This textbook is mainly used to study the logistics of aviation units in the "Tactical Logistics of the Air Force."

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