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  • Air Force JROTC Flight Academy

    The Air Force JROTC Flight Academy, Chief of Staff Private Pilot Scholarship program, is a collaborative effort between the aerospace industry and the Air Force to address a national pilot shortage.  The Flight Academy is intended to inspire and encourage high school youth toward aviation careers. Currently, Boeing predicts an annual need to hire
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    This page is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience
  • AFJROTC New Unit Application

    Greetings, thank you for your interest in establishing an AFJROTC program!  Please read all of this thoroughly BEFORE you start a unit application. 1.  Q:  HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M READY TO OPEN A UNIT?HQ AFJROTC highly recommend you receive contingent approval from your school board, superintendent, district, etc. to ensure budget, curriculum credit,
  • All In

         General of the Air Force Henry H. Hap Arnold said, “We must think in terms of tomorrow.”  At Air University we do just that, tomorrow is our focus today.  Throughout America’s history we have seen numerous studies link the education of our children to national security.  One such report came in 2012 from the Council on Foreign Relations
  • 30-Step Drill Sequence Guides

    Here are some helpful guides executing to the 30-step drill sequence:30-Step_Drill_Sequence_Instructors_Booklet - Jul 2017.pdf 
  • AFJROTC Instructor Application

      Greetings and thank you for your interest in becoming an AFJROTC Instructor!  Please read all of this thoroughly BEFORE you start an application.  Minimum application requirements: 1) Must be retired from a component of the US Air Force.2) Have published retirement orders. (Note: Active duty retirees only can apply with a retirement application
  • AFJROTC Instructor Hiring and Certification Process

    Initial Application Process:  Before any person can be considered for hire by a school, they must have an approved application on file with HQ AFJROTC Instructor Management Division.The initial application process screens candidates for general suitability, including time since retirement, their service history, college degrees, meeting weight and
  • HQ AFJROTC Points of Contact

    Director, HQ AFJROTC: DSN 493-7513 / (334) 953-7513 Deputy Director/Ops: DSN 493-7513 / (334) 953-7513 Chief, Operations: DSN 493-4247 / (334) 953-4247 Chief, Support: DSN 493-6596 / (334)
  • AFJROTC Co-Curricular Activities

    Drill TeamAFJROTC cadets across the nation dedicate countless hours to their unit’s drill team. Drill Team participation is used as a means of instilling discipline and esprit de corps, and continues to be one of the finest methods for developing confidence and leadership abilities of cadets.  Units compete at local, state, regional and national
  • Curriculum

    One of the keys in the success of the AFJROTC program lies in its academic foundation. The curriculum is divided into three components — Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, and Health and Wellness. Each AFJROTC unit balances all three areas to meet the particular needs and abilities of their cadets.Cadets who complete three years of the

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