Submission Guidelines

The Journal of the Americas welcomes and encourages submissions stimulating and informing discussion on military doctrine, strategy, force structure, readiness, and other matters of national defense. We accept manuscripts in the form of an article, letter, or review.


Your work must be original and preferably not published before. Our editorial board will read your article promptly and determine if you need any improvement that will be suggested. If it is not very extensive, we retain the editorial privilege to make some small changes. If we consider it necessary, we will send it to an expert in the subject (Referee) to make sure that the information presented in accordance with facts and truthful events - a process that can take several weeks.

Articles must be prepared in Microsoft Word format and must follow guidance from the Air University Press publication AU-1, Style and Author Guide, and The Chicago Manual of Style. See the current and archival issues  for completed examples of article format.

Submission must include

  • 2-3 sentence Biography with academic credentials (include photograph)
  • An engaging abstract that includes presents a problem, solution, results, and a conclusion
  • An introduction no more than 10 percent of total word count
  • Keywords for web searches
  • Article body (between 4,000 and 8,000 words)
  • Source Citation


  • Use thorough footnotes formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (include URLs, page numbers, day, month, year if applicable).
  • Do NOT use ibid., op. cit., or loc. cit.
  • Place only one note number at the end of a sentence. Do not place footnote references midsentence.
  • Do not include bibliographies or lists of works referenced.


Authors must obtain written permission from the owner to use any graphic not in the public domain (e.g., US government) or of their own creation. It is insufficient to cite the source of the graphic (copyright on graphics is different in fair use than copyright on written material). Authors may include their original graphics.

  • PowerPoint slides or graphics used in PowerPoint presentations are discouraged.
  • Authors must provide a high-resolution file for any graphic submitted (300 DPI or better).
  • QUALITY: To maintain 508 Compliance, minimum text/font sizes are 8pt. on graphics. Illustrator may need to change color values, shades, and/or tints of certain image to retain compliance for visually impaired viewers.
  • Authors must provide an alternative (alt) text of no more than 150 characters (not words) describing any graphics. (This is for 508 compliance purposes.)

Any questions or concerns, contact or call (334) 953-3942.


Submission Guidelines

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