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    The author selected the topic of satellite internet and its challenge to the stability ofVladimir Putin’s regime due to professional experience. During the timeframe from 2017throughout 2021, the author executed orders in Europe as a military operational plannerspecializing in information

  • Russian Spacepower Theory Evolution

     Russian leadership’s space investments, organizational choices, and actions indicate theirviews on spacepower most closely align with the western survival school of spacepower theory.US strategists should therefore expect Russia to prioritize investment in counterspace weapons,reduce

  • Three Main Challenges to China-Russian Cooperation

    In February 2022, the Russian Federation led by President Putin and the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC),  President Xi Jingping, issued a joint statement asserting their alliance, branded as “The Sides”.2

  • Russian Grand Strategy Evolution

    Maj David  AndersonRussia’s failed attempt at regime change in Ukraine will require it to reduce its ambitionof being recognized as the leader of Eurasia and to increase its cooperation with new centers ofpower to mitigate isolation from the west and avoid economic dependence on China.


    LCDR Stephanie Wexler:Given the current security situation in Ukraine, the Kremlin’s concept of escalation management is focused on minimizing both vertical and horizontal escalation abroad in order to achieve its strategic goals. The Kremlin’s implementation of escalation management is


    LCDR Stephanie Wexler:Recent changes to Russian domestic law regarding protesting and information sharing represent a fearful Kremlin. Russia’s two major periods of government destabilization and collapse in the twentieth century were preceded by the easing of information and censorship laws.1

  • Russian Way of War

    Maj Patrick McGetrick: Russia’s new way of war is riddled with oversights and assumptions of easy victories based on a history of military actions. Russians fought conflicts for defensive purposes throughout history, yet most of their recent efforts have been offensive. Historic lessons