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  • 571st MSAS prepares for partner nation integration with AFCLC’s SOUTHCOM Podcast

    Air Advisors from the 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron are utilizing the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s monthly Pulso Regional Podcast – available on the Culture Guide app – as a resource to stay abreast of current events and news in the SOUTHCOM AOR while enhancing their Spanish language listening skills.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Diana Brewer

    "My experience as a Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar has been incredible! LEAP sparked my interest to further improve my native language skills and played a factor in my reenlisting later this year," Russian LEAP Scholar Staff Sgt. Diana Brewer said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Andrew Pommersheim

    "My LEAP training really came into play this past summer when I went to Japan as part of an international agreement between the U.S. government and Japan’s Space Policy Secretariat. This experience stretched the viability of my Japanese while contributing to an important mission, which was incredibly rewarding," said Russian LEAP Scholar Capt. Andrew Pommersheim.
  • LEAP Scholars Can Now Self-Report Utilization Events in LEaDeR

    Until recently, the Air Force did not have a means of collecting and tracking LEAP utilization outside of events coordinated through the AFCLC. Now, a module in the cloud-based Language Enabled Development Resource, or LEaDeR, allows Airmen and Guardians to self-report recent involvement in language requirements.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Ethan Sneider

    "LEAP is not solely a means to learn a language and study a culture, but a part of a holistic approach to becoming influential and impactful," Hebrew LEAP Scholar Capt. Ethan Sneider said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. William “Billy” Vician

    "During the February 2023 earthquake relief efforts, I worked with Turkish civil engineers to power and locate buildings at the main aerial port for the devastated region of south-central Türkiye. These efforts were a testament to our teamwork and cooperation amid tragedy. I am happy that the relationships I built over the preceding year helped the base and the nation of Türkiye. I could not have built these relationships without my LEAP training.," Turkish LEAP Scholar Capt. William Vician said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Yelyzaveta Schierer

    "LEAP has given me a chance to support the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian crisis by deploying me to establish communication between NATO leadership and Ukrainian forces as a Training Partnership Request," Serbian Croatian LEAP Scholar Staff Sgt. Yelyzaveta Schierer said.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj Daria C. Awusah

    "Serving as a Language Enabled Airman Program Scholar has been one of the main highlights of my professional career. The language training and the regional and culture training I developed through LEAP’s various programs enabled me to execute the mission of teaching human rights and international humanitarian law to Senegalese military personnel and intelligence community, while also strengthening our military’s partnership within the French-speaking country," French LEAP Scholar Maj. Daria Awusah said.
  • AFCLC Spotlight: Sarah McKay

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Culture Guide app provides cross-cultural education to the Department of Defense through a comprehensive list of Expeditionary Culture Field Guides for more than 80 countries. Sarah McKay is one of the team members who works behind the scenes to bring these guides to life.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Joshiro Nagashima

    "The Language Enabled Airman Program has provided extraordinary experiences and opportunities. I am seeing the bigger picture of bilateral force, which has given me more enjoyment and fulfillment as an Airman. LEAP also made me rethink my career and ultimately re-enlist, as I enjoy being a LEAP Scholar. Overall, LEAP has enhanced my military experience and fostered a deeper sense of pride within me as an Airman," said Japanese LEAP Scholar Tech. Sgt. Joshiro Nagashima.
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