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  • LEAP Scholars Strengthen Language Skills with New eMersion Training Course

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center launched a new initiative to maximize language development and training opportunities for members of the Language Enabled Airman Program. This new course, known as an eMersion, combines online eMentor sessions with Language Intensive Training Event

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Spencer Snow

    “I am thankful LEAP has given me a formal setting to continue studying Mandarin Chinese, and it has provided me with unique immersion and learning experiences. I will continue to actively participate in the program and hope to become increasingly involved in Air Force work that requires the language

  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Shelton

    “As much as I struggle between two very different cultures as a 1.5 generation immigrant and feel the pain of fighting the battles to resolve the conflicts, I also feel empowered and obligated to utilize this gift and ability to help others overcome misunderstandings and bridge cultures and

  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj. Timothy Bettis

    "The ability of AFCLC to be forward-thinking and enable USAF students to flex their curriculum to anticipate future DOD needs is highly important. The bottom-up nature of the Language Enabled Airman Program allows students to be more agile in matching their interests and capabilities to emerging DOD

  • AFCLC and DPAA: A Partnership for Mission Success

    Since 2012, Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars and Foreign Area Officers from the Air Force Culture and Language Center have helped to support the Defense POW/MIA Agency’s mission. What started as linguistic support for DPAA’s Short-term Individual Augmentee Sourcing Conference has now

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Aigerim Akhmetova

    “LEAP is a great program and positively impacts our strategic objectives by building and strengthening strategic alliances around the world. My latest LEAP opportunity, which was also my Language Intensive Training Event, was personal. It was personal because it meant I would have the opportunity to

  • LEAP Spotlight: Tech Sgt. Trymaine Kelley

    “Being a LEAP Scholar is life-changing. Just recently, I re-took the DLPT test, and I got my highest scores ever. Now, not only do I get paid extra to know a language, but I also get to help out the Air Force and support missions I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I have been to Costa Rica, Mexico

  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Brian Reed

    “The Language Enabled Airman Program helped reinforce my perspective on just how important it is for United States and Japanese military forces to be able to effectively work together on a strategic, tactical, and operational level,” Japanese LEAP Scholar Capt. Brian Reed said.

  • LEAP Scholars Support FAMEX-21

    For the first time, the United States was designated as the “Nation of Honor” for this year’s Mexican Air Defense Trade Show, known as FAMEX. There to commemorate the moment was a team of Spanish-speaking LEAP Scholars, providing language support for the event through the Air Force Language and

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