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Sharing Your Voice: The Reason We Call You Scholars

  • Published
  • By Howard Ward, Director, Air Force Culture and Language Center

It is better to illuminate than to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths rather than merely contemplate.  St. Thomas Aquinas

We call members of the Language Enabled Airman Program “scholars” for a reason. A scholar is a person dedicated to lifelong learning…for a purpose. That purpose is to serve others by sharing knowledge to turn darkness into light, as expressed by St. Thomas Aquinas.

It is also why we, at the Air Force Culture and Language Center, work so hard for you.  Your LEAP education and experiences allow you to gain perspectives that enable you to add a unique layer of context to any security challenge.

I’m now giving all LEAP scholars a call to arms…let us hear your voice! 

If you’ve been thinking about a particular topic that currently lacks clarity or completeness, contribute to the body of knowledge through writing based on your in-depth education from LEAP and your operational experience!

There are many blogs, periodicals and journals where your voices can find a home and improve the thinking that informs policy and decisions. Illuminating and sharing your knowledge with others, rather than merely contemplating and withholding your wisdom, is a natural extension of our core value “service before self.”

That’s what Maj. F. Jon Nusselhauf, Capt. Peter Loftus, Maj. Charlynne McGinnis, Maj. Brian Thorn, Capt. Nancy Chavez, and I worked together to do with a recent article published in the Journal of IndoPacific Affairs called, “War By Words: Language and Cultural Understanding in the Age of Information Warfare.” Check out our recent article here:

We crafted this article to draw attention to a gathering security challenge through a lens most aren’t considering. In doing so, LEAP is providing a return on investment beyond direct engagement to enhance partner interoperability and adversary understanding.

In that spirit, I hope you’ll accept the challenge and let us hear your voices. You have something special and unique to offer, and our nation needs your thoughts to shape a secure and illuminated future.

If you would like more information about publishing an article of your own, please contact Maj. Thorn at or Capt. Loftus at

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