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LEAP Spotlight: Maj Regis Zozo

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My Air Force Culture and Language Center training has helped me understand the vital triad effect between the military, government, and the population when it comes to the fight against violent extremism.

Through FLINTLOCK 2019, I was able to [play a key role as a Language Enabled Program Scholar] and see how the U.S. produces and projects combat-credible military forces during multi-nation joint military exercises. As a native of the African continent, it was reassuring for me to see that while the focus of violent extremism [in Africa] may have faded from the news, the United States, its allies, and partners are still invested in protecting the continent of Africa. One of the most rewarding parts of the Language Intensive Training Event (LITE) experience was the interaction with the African military leaders. It was truly fulfilling to sense their acceptance of me, not only as a colleague but most importantly, as one of their own, a brother from the same continent.

My LITEs have always provided me with networking and mentoring opportunities, and this particular trip was no exception; [I was able to interact with many key U.S. and partner nations leaders]… My opportunity with FLINTLOCK 2019 was irreplaceable, and added tremendously to my cultural and language competencies”.

-LEAP Scholar Maj Regis Zozo-

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