LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Caleb Yee

LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Caleb Yee

Photo Courtesy of Capt. Caleb Yee


“I am a 14N Intel Officer and have been stationed at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, for about three years now. In my first year In Korea, I immediately applied for the Language Enabled Airman Program after hearing how much it would help me during my first assignment. Thanks to LEAP, I quickly developed my Korean language and culture skills and used them to work with our South Korean partners on Targeting and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance operations here on the peninsula. LEAP has been vital in helping me not only understand the language but also in understanding the cultural etiquettes of South Korea. I am currently partaking in a Language Intensive Training Event and have learned so much already.


“Additionally, in 2019, I led a group of U.S. Airmen to a remote South Korean island to work ISR operations with our Korean Air Force partner nation squadron, a Korean Army unit, and the Korean Marine Corp 6th Brigade. Working with our combined counterparts has taught me the value of building partnerships, and I am looking forward to taking what I learned back to my unit. It was great being able to be part of a unique experience, and this was just one of the many experiences that LEAP helped me prepare for.”


-- Korean LEAP scholar Capt. Caleb Yee