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  • The Eagle's Talons

    This volume surveys the American experience in war with emphasis on the complex interactions between political and military affairs. Colonel Drew and Dr. Snow provide a key to understanding how and why the United States might employ its military power in the future. [Dennis M. Drew and Donald M. Snow / 1988 / 445 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-025-6 / AU Press Code: B-27] Read This Book Now
  • Making Strategy

    The authors analyze the evolution of strategy and the process by which strategy is devised. This book is descriptive rather than prescriptive in nature. In contrast to authors who offer advice and counsel concerning how to make strategy decisions, Colonel Drew and Dr. Snow concentrate on what decisions military and political leaders must make. The authors examine the various military and political factors that influence those decisions. [Dennis M. Drew and Donald M. Snow / 1988 / 229 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-021-3 / AU Press Code: B-23] Read This Book Now
  • Low-Intensity Conflict in the Third World

    A common thread ties together the five case studies of this book: the persistence with which the bilateral relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union continues to dominate American foreign and regional policies. These essays analyze the LIC environment in Central Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa. [Lewis B. Ware 1988 / 189 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-022-1 / AU Press Code: B-24] Read This Book Now
  • Airlift Doctrine

    Colonel Miller shows how the worldwide orientation of American foreign policy, the numerous threats to free-world interests, and the speed and complexity of modern warfare have combined with political and resource constraints to produce today's airlift doctrine and force structure. [Charles E. Miller / 1998 / 447 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-019-1 / AU Press Code: B-21] Read This Book Now
  • Airpower and the Ground War in Vietnam

    Dr. Mrozek focuses on expectations concerning the impact of airpower on the ground war. He describes some of the actual effects but avoids treatment of some of the most dramatic air actions of the war, such as the bombing of Hanoi. He observes that the application of airpower is influenced by factors far beyond the battlefield. [Donald J. Mrozek / 1988 / 204 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-015-9 / AU Press Code: B-17] Read This Book Now
  • The United States Strategic Bombing Surveys

    This volume contains reprints of the Summary Reports—30 September 1945 (European War) and 1 July 1946 (Pacific War)—of the strategic bombing surveys conducted as World War II was coming to a close. Reprint. [Truman Spangrud / 1984 / 127 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-018-3 / AU Press Code: B-20] Read This Book Now
  • The Air Force Role in Low-Intensity Conflict

    Colonel Dean examines the increasing importance of third world countries in global affairs. Their vital natural resources and geostrategic locations make them the object of intense competition between the superpowers and a ripe target for a new category of conflict. Because of the high probability of US involvement in third world conflicts, we must adapt our resources to acquire the flexibility demanded by low-intensity conflict. [David J. Dean / 1986 / 143 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-014-0 / AU Press Code: B-16] Read This Book Now
  • Aerospace Power: The Case for Indivisible Application

    Major Myers offers a serious alternative to "aerospace folklore." He proposes an indivisible airpower concept and argues that it would result in a far more flexible aerospace force structure—one that gets the most from our increasingly expensive and limited assets and applies the right force at the right place at the right time. [Grover E. Myers / 1986 / 96 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-013-2 / AU Press Code: B-15] Read This Book Now
  • Land-Based Airpower in Third World Crises

    [Dr. Mets examines the utility and limitations of land-based aircraft in third world crises over two decades. He offers several conclusions regarding the most effective use of airpower in crisis situations. [Dr. David R. Mets / 1986 / 171 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-000-0 / AU Press Code: B-1] Read This Book Now
  • The Evolution of the Cruise Missile

    Although among the newest of US weapons, the cruise missile possesses a rich conceptual and technological heritage. The author addresses this heritage and the importance of understanding it when we consider deployment and employment options. Without the perspective provided by this history, our perception of the cruise missile's purpose and use lacks depth and understanding. [Kenneth P. Werrell / 1985 / 303 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-005-1 / AU Press Code: B-6] Read This Book Now