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  • Welcome to the 217th Training Squadron

    217th Inbound Staff Welcome to the 217th Training Squadron (217 TRS) !Lt Col Dirk O. StewartCommander  Biography Our team provides world class training that includes both flight room and field activities designed to produce leaders who are committed to the Air Force Core Values and are equipped to lead and ready to win! This will be a
  • Welcome to the 24th Training Squadron (24 TRS)!

    Information for Inbound Staff Welcome to the 24th Training Squadron (24 TRS)!Lt Col Ben C. BergrenCommander  BiographyWelcome to Officer Training School (OTS), this will be a very demanding but rewarding assignment. There are a few things to be aware of as you prepare to in process.  First, OTS falls under the Holm Center and AU.  As a
  • Officer Training School Inbound Staff

     OTS Inbound Staff Welcome to Officer Training SchoolColonel Jayson L. AllenCommandant, OTSBiographyLeadership in today’s profession of arms is as dynamic and challenging as anytime in our history.  As we move on from more than 13 years of war into a more transient and destabilized global security environment, leadership across the
  • Welcome to the 22d Training Support Squadron

    Information for Inbound Staff Welcome to the 22d Training Support Squadron (22 TRSS)!Lt Col R. Blake PierceCommander  Biography The 22nd TRSS team provides a full range of training support for Officer Training School (OTS) for over 2.4K cadets annually.  This support includes full complement of personnel services, physical fitness training
  • Direct Commissioned Officer Training

       Training Programs There are two training programs offered for direct-commissioned officers. Both programs are military training environments designed to see you successfully operate under pressure.  You will need to check your orders to determine which program you are scheduled to attend.  Select the appropriate link from the accordion menu
  • Physical Fitness Information for Inbound Direct-Commissioned Officers (RCOT)

    The physical training program is designed to introduce officers to a healthy lifestyle and the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) criteria (push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run). Officers need to have a good physical fitness program to ensure they are physically capable to deploy if necessary to complete the Air Force's mission. Within the
  • Dress & Appearance Standards for Inbound RCOT Officers

    All RCOT officers MUST report to training in conservative civilian clothes. Uniforms are not authorized for wear the day of your arrival. Upon arrival and throughout training, all officers will be expected to adhere to the dress & appearance standards defined in AFI 36-2903.      HAIR STANDARDS   Male and female officers should arrive with
  • Inprocessing Information for Inbound RCOT Officers

     In-Processing Information for RCOT Officers    To the fullest extent possible make travel arrangements to arrive within the specified time frame.  However, if you are unable to report by 1500, contact the OTS Registrars as soon as possible at OTS.Registrar.Workflow@us.af.mil or (334) 953-3517/5523.  Please reference the OTS Welcome Guide for
  • RCOT Curriculum & Prerequisite Test Request

    NOTE: IAW AFI 36-2013,OFFICER TRAINING SCHOOL (OTS) AND ENLISTED COMMISSOINING PROGRAMS (ECPS), only hard-to-recruit Air Reserve Component (ARC) direct commissioned health professions officers are authorized to attend RCOT. If you meet this criteria and desire to attend the Reserve Commissioned Officer Training course, you must first complete the
  • Additional Information for Inbound COT & RCOT Officers

    It is mandatory that you live (this includes sleeping) in the OTS dormitories. Trainees will usually share a room with another trainee. There will be a security drawer in your room to lock up valuables. You must bring your own bath towels and washcloths or purchase them upon arrival. Washers and dryers are available for student use at no charge.
  • RCOT Graduation Events

     Graduation Information for Inbound RCOT Officers  Family and friends of Reserve Commissioned Officer Training (RCOT) graduates unfortunately, due to time limitations, RCOT classes do not participate in the graduation events scheduled for a COT class including a graduation parade, spouses orientation, retreat, dining in/out, or open house. 
  • Total Force Officer Training

    .video-responsive{ overflow:hidden; padding-bottom:56.25%; position:relative; height:0; } .video-responsive iframe{ left:0; top:0; height:100%; width:100%; position:absolute; }  Total Force Officer Training Total Force Officer Training is a 40 training day program that culminates with each cadet earning a
  • Line Officer Training

    Line Officer Training  Line officer training is conducted by Detachment 12 and the 24th Training Squadron at Officer Training School (OTS) Maxwell AFB, AL.  Line Officers consist of those career fields not directly commissioned into the USAF.  If you are a Chaplain, JAG, or Medical officer, select the "Direct-Commissioned Officer Training"
  • In-Processing Information for COT Officers

    In-Processing Information for COT Officers   To the fullest extent possible make travel arrangements to arrive within the specified time frame. However, if you are unable to report by 1700, contact the Training Squadron Registrars as soon as possible at (334) 953-3517/5523.  Please reference the OTS Welcome Guide for information covering
  • OTS Accelerated Commissioning Program (OTS-ACP)

      Inbound OTS-ACP Students The Officer Training School Accelerated Commissioning Program (OTS-ACP) is an immersive 14-training-day course designed specifically for prior-service senior noncommissioned officers (SNCO) who have completed SCNO Academy. OTS-ACP gives credit for the previous experience and education of SNCOs and

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