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  • Accelerating Learning Through AFCLC’s Data-Driven Culture

    As charged by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. in his modified Action Orders, AFCLC utilizes data as the foundation to transform the way service members learn across all facets of USAF education while preparing them for strategic utilization anytime, anywhere. One resource AFCLC utilizes

  • Speaking Air-Forcefully: The Gonculator Knows Best

    Today’s Speaking Air Forcefully term is “the gonculator” – a mythical, mysterious problem-solving machine that crunches overwhelming masses of data and then offers an optimal solution.

  • AFCLC and DPAA: A Partnership for Mission Success

    Since 2012, Language Enabled Airman Program Scholars and Foreign Area Officers from the Air Force Culture and Language Center have helped to support the Defense POW/MIA Agency’s mission. What started as linguistic support for DPAA’s Short-term Individual Augmentee Sourcing Conference has now

  • AFCLC Hosts Its Largest PAC for 3rd Air Force Command Chiefs

    In November, the Air Force Culture and Language Center completed its largest and perhaps most ambitious three-day virtual Pre-Acculturation Course for eight Command Chiefs with the 3rd Air Force. The CHIEFPAC covered the history, culture, and strategic issues of Europe, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, the

  • AFCLC Co-Sponsors Squadron Officer School “Think Tank” Event

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center collaborated with the Squadron Officer School to launch its 22A Think Tank initiative. The 22A Think Tank, which took place from 8 November 2021 to 15 December 2021, was an opportunity for a select group of students to tackle a major issue and present

  • Going the Extra Mile in Language Learning

    Although new to the Language Enabled Airman Program, Japanese LEAP Scholar Maj. Jacob McCauley is not a newcomer to the realm of language training. Since childhood, he studied to become proficient in both linguist and technical languages.

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