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  • AFCLC Faculty Profile: Dr. Jessica Jordan

    “This ‘new normal’ allows us to come up with better ways of doing things, and we should embrace moving forward and being productive,” said Dr. Jessica Jordan, the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Assistant Professor of Regional and Cultural Studies (Asia).
  • LEAP Spotlight: Lt. Col. Sylvia Kim

    U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Sylvia Kim is a member of a very elite club. She is one of more than 3,000 scholars in the Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Language Enabled Airman Program. As a lifelong language learner, she instantly knew LEAP was a perfect fit.
  • Congrats to LEAP Scholars Who Transitioned to FAO

    Congratulations to our LEAP Scholars (and the many others) who recently transitioned to the Foreign Area Officer (FAO) Core Career Field! FAOs are regional experts who operate in unique international, joint, and interagency roles, often with significant interaction with senior military and civilian officials from the United States, allies, and partners.
  • Application Window for FY21 LEAP Officer and Enlisted Selection Board Open 3 May – 16 July

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) is accepting applications to the Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP). Regular Active Duty Officer and Enlisted members from the Air Force and Space Force may apply online 3 May through 16 July 2021.
  • AFCLC Releases New Iraq Course

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center recently updated its Iraq course to feature richer content, more user interactions, and optional course material.
  • LEAP Scholars Selected for New Air Force Coaching Culture Facilitator Course

    There’s a difference between being a mentor and being a coach. The U.S. Air Force has a new course designed to inspire Airmen to achieve their personal and professional potential. Two Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Language Enabled Airmen Program Scholars, Capt. Mathieu Lefebvre and Master Sgt. Alain Mukendi, are among the first selected to attend this unique course.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Emily Stith

    Capt. Emily Stith is a 38F (Force Support Officer) who has been a Japanese Language Enabled Airman Program scholar since 2016. Her father was a career U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer, and as the story of the military child goes, she was born overseas in Okinawa, Japan. After a short stateside stint, her father was then relocated to Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, where she spent her childhood and adolescence.
  • Prepping for U.N. Missions: AFCLC Faculty Supports the U.S. Military Observer Group

    The United Nations peacekeeping missions are a staple worldwide promoting peacekeeping and stability, and the U.S. Military Observer Group is responsible for training American service members deploying to support those U.N. missions. USMOG is an ideal partner for the Air Force Culture and Language Center, founded at Air University in 2006 to address the Air Force Chief of Staff’s intention to improve Airmen’s cross-cultural competence.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Maj Regis Zozo

    My Air Force Culture and Language Center training has helped me understand the vital triad effect between the military, government, and the population when it comes to the fight against violent extremism.
  • LEAP Scholar Accepted for Two Prestigious Programs

    Congratulations to Language Enabled Airman Capt. Aaron R. Pilkington upon his acceptance to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Captains Prestigious Ph.D. Program as well as the U.S. Air Force Academy Faculty Pipeline Ph.D. Scholarship, which he accepted.

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