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  • AFCLC Now Offers Transcripts for Language Enabled Servicemembers

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center has incorporated an automated course transcript for servicemembers with an active Language Enabled Development Resource profile. The Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Transcript documents AFCLC-facilitated LREC courses, such as Language Intensive Training Events, eMentor courses, and Foreign Area Officer In-Region Training.
  • LEAP Scholar Provides Language Support to 2d SFAB

    Arabic LEAP scholar Staff Sgt. Abdullah Azzam is providing language support to the U.S. Army’s 2d Security Force Assistance Brigade in North Africa through the Air Force Culture and Language’s Training Partnership Request program, creating a significant impact to the initial rapport-building phase of U.S. Army Africa operations.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Byron Muhlenberg

    The Language Enabled Airman Program is an indispensable program that enables our Airmen to expand their cultural understanding and make operational and strategic impacts well beyond their immediate career field. My journey as a LEAP scholar began as a freshman at the U.S. Air Force Academy, but the journey did not start as expected.
  • Vietnamese LEAP Scholars Receive Letters of Appreciation

    Vietnamese LEAP scholars Lt. Col. Thai Le and Master Sgt. Ngoc Hanh Le were recently presented with Letters of Appreciation from former Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett.
  • AFCLC Faculty Teach Intro to American Culture to Incoming International Officers

    The Air Force Culture and Language Center’s Dr. Angelle Khachadoorian recently taught Squadron Officer School’s incoming class of International Officers via teleconference on the morning of 8 March. Dr. Khachadoorian, the AFCLC’s Professor of Anthropology, offered a light-hearted but informative lesson on American Cultural Patterns. She included a brief introduction to American Communication Patterns based on curricula developed by Dr. Susan Steen, AFCLC’s Professor of Communication.
  • Enrollment Open for Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication – 6-12 April

    In response to the Department of Defense and Air Force guidance to provide cultural education and awareness to the enlisted corps, the Community College of the Air Force and the Air Force Culture and Language Center are offering a Distance Learning Course, Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication, providing the knowledge and skills associated with cross-cultural communication in an applied context.
  • eMentor Spotlight: Capt. Brady Gough

    In 2009, I began studying at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona. I wasn’t just a student but also a cadet in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.
  • LEAP Scholars Assist DPAA in Recovery of Remains

    During conflicts, not all of our service members make it home. In Vietnam, 1,245 U.S. service members are still missing. Vietnamese LEAP scholars Maj. Son Nguyen, Maj. Vu Le, and Staff Sgt. Oanh Von Behr are currently providing language support to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency in Vietnam to help recover the remains of these missing service members.
  • LEAP Spotlight: Capt. Fiona Akoth

    “My story starts in a rural town in western Kenya, which is on the eastern side of Africa. I grew up in Kisumu City, right off the coast of Lake Victoria, and when I was 13, we moved to the United States. I went to middle and high school in Texas, and it was at that time that I learned about the United States Air Force.
  • AFCLC’s Language Enabled Airman Program: A strategy for improving pilot retention

    In 2016, retired Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein publicly called the United States Air Force’s pilot shortage a crisis. At the time, the Air Force was reportedly short 1,500 pilots. According to reports, the Air Force still needs an estimated 2,100 pilots – and many say that number is steadily growing.

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