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  •  Air Warfare

    Air Warfare

    William C. Sherman
    Since this study was published initially in 1926, designers, engineers, pilots, and students of aviation have had an opportunity to discern its merits and to analyze its shortcomings. Still, in that historic year, with the public reeling from the outcome of the Scopes Monkey Trial, Charles Lindbergh's solo transcontinental flight, and the Billy Mitchell trail and verdict, William C. Sherman advanced a need for aerial navigation and cogently told us of the merits of flying. Coming at a time when flying was in its infancy, the book ushered in a new era in airpower historiography. Sherman relied on an assortment of illustrations to buttress his contention that aerial navigation will play a large role in the future of air tactics. Readers may not be pleased with the paucity of citations and the absence of a bibliography, but Sherman makes it clear that Air Warfare was based on his notes while he was an instructor at the Air Service Tactical School and at the Command and General Staff School. Air Warfare advances our understanding of aerial navigation so much so that Sherman can take credit for being the inspiration behind some of the technology currently used in military operations. [William C. Sherman / 2002 / 306 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-104-6 / AU Press Code: B-86]
  •  Airhead Operations

    Airhead Operations

    John L. Cirafici
    Colonel Cirafici reviews airhead activity in contingencies during World War II and in operations Urgent Fury, Just Cause, Desert Shield/Storm and Restore Hope. He examines the newly activated Air Mobility Command (AMC) structure within the theater and discusses the Somali civil war to illustrate how airhead's air mobility forces fit into the overall scheme of force deployment, reassembly, employment, and sustainment. Colonel Cirafici identifies some problems and needed improvements and recommends that AMC look beyond past successes and provide greater effort toward training and exercises to promote jointness at all operational levels. [John L. Cirafici / 1995 / 109 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-057-4 / AU Press Code: B-60]
  •  Airlift Doctrine

    Airlift Doctrine

    Charles E. Miller
    Colonel Miller shows how the worldwide orientation of American foreign policy, the numerous threats to free-world interests, and the speed and complexity of modern warfare have combined with political and resource constraints to produce today's airlift doctrine and force structure. [Charles E. Miller / 1998 / 447 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-019-1 / AU Press Code: B-21]
  •  Airmen and Air Theory

    Airmen and Air Theory

    Phillip S. Meilinger
    Originally published in 1995 as American Airpower Biography: A Survey of the Field and revised in 1997, Airmen and Air Theory updates the original material, reviewing new studies of prominent American airmen and adding sketches of five subjects: James V. Hartinger, Charles A. Horner, Lauris Norstad, Dale O. Smith, and George E. Stratemeyer. Colonel Meilinger has also included a substantial section, "The Historiography of Airpower Theory and Doctrine," originally published in The Journal of Military History. This new version will prove valuable to researchers in their quest for good sources on people who have shaped airpower and airpower theory. [Phillip S. Meilinger / 2001 / 176 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-101-5 / AU Press Code: B-13]
  •  Airpower and Ground Armies

    Airpower and Ground Armies

    Daniel R. Mortensen, ed.
    These four independent essays provide a perspective on airpower doctrine development that varies somewhat from the usual view. Essay 1 describes the organization, doctrine, operational practices, and personality of the air forces in the western desert from 1940 to 1943. Essay 2 describes and analyzes the events in northwest Africa during Operation Torch while the third analyzes the machination in policy development in Washington. Essay 4 analyzes the great tactical aviation exercise in northwest Europe, emphasizing the famous cooperation between George S. Patton and Otto P. Weyland. [Daniel R. Mortensen, ed. / 1998 / 224 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-047-7 / AU Press Code: B-50]
  •  Airpower and Maneuver Warfare

    Airpower and Maneuver Warfare

    Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S. Brower, and Steven L. Canby
    The authors identify and discuss the fundamental concepts and principles of maneuver warfare, compare and contrast it to attrition-style warfare, and trace its origins and history. They examine the role of airpower in enhancing maneuver during the early German campaigns of World War II, in Germany's 1941 Russian campaigns, and in the Soviet version of maneuver warfare in World War II. They analyze the importance of airpower in maneuver warfare employed by Israel in the 1967 and 1973 wars and by coalition forces in the Gulf War. Dr. van Creveld forecasts what the role of airpower will be in warfare during the coming years. The book includes a response to the authors by the air doctrine analysts at Air University. [Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S. Brower, and Steven L. Canby / 1994 / 284 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-050-7 / AU Press Code: B-53]
  •  Airpower and the Environment

    Airpower and the Environment

    Edited By Joel Hayward
    With insightful and innovative chapters written by experts in various disciplines, this book chronicles and analyzes the effects of airpower on the environment. It also highlights the fact that military forces now take far more care of the environment than ever before and that many militaries, even in less developed regions such as central Africa, have developed strategies to minimize all harm and even to do environmentally beneficial activities. This book reveals that some military forces, utilizing the speed, reach, and intelligence-gathering capabilities of air assets, are providing highly positive contributions to conservation efforts and the maintenance and protection of ecological protection zones. This is a positive story and it brings richness and variety to this seminal collection of essays. The Library Journal put Airpower and the Environment on its 2013 Notable Government Documents list! [2013 / 542 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-223-4 / AU Press Code: B-131]
  •  Airpower and the Ground War in Vietnam

    Airpower and the Ground War in Vietnam

    Donald J. Mrozek
    Dr. Mrozek focuses on expectations concerning the impact of airpower on the ground war. He describes some of the actual effects but avoids treatment of some of the most dramatic air actions of the war, such as the bombing of Hanoi. He observes that the application of airpower is influenced by factors far beyond the battlefield. [Donald J. Mrozek / 1988 / 204 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-015-9 / AU Press Code: B-17]
  •  Airpower for Strategic Effect

    Airpower for Strategic Effect

    Colin S. Gray
    Airpower for Strategic Effect is intended to contribute to the understanding of airpower—what it is, what it does, why it does it, and what the consequences are. This is the plot: airpower generates strategic effect. Airpower’s product is strategic effect on the course of strategic history. Everything about military airpower is instrumental to the purpose of securing strategic effect. [Colin S. Gray/ 2012 / 367 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-218-0 / AU Press Code: B-122]
  •  Airpower in Three Wars

    Airpower in Three Wars

    William W. Momyer
    This publication is a reprint of General Momyer's book originally published in 1978. The book offers the general's observations, many from personal experience, of airpower in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. It is an account of the evolution of practical airpower through strategies and campaigns. The book examines strategy, command and control of airpower prior to and during the Vietnam conflict, air superiority, interdiction in all three wars, airpower and the ground battle, and experiences in blunting an attack using airpower. [William W. Momyer / 2003 / 426 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-116-3 / AU Press Code: B-89]
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