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  •  Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

    Developing Your Full Range of Leadership

    Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Dr. Daniel Connelly, Maj Michael D. Williams, USAF
    This newly developed Air University text focuses on the Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) and its application in team leadership. Leaders applying the FRLM approach can see immediate, tangible results. Leveraging the components of transformational leadership has been proven to result in the most effective style of leadership. Outcomes include raising the ethical values of leaders, energizing followers to be high achievers, challenging team members to create and innovate, and harnessing organizational members’ distinct gifts and talents toward achieving organizational goals. These characteristics can offer connections to reaching authentic transformational leadership not only by incorporating ethics and values but also by enhancing leader-follower dynamics. The text also includes the topics of leadership theory evolution, humanity in leadership, and the assessment of individual character strengths and virtues in enhancing leadership skills. [Dr. Fil J. Arenas, Air University, Dr. Daniel Connelly, Air university, Maj Michael D. Williams, USAF / 2017 / 84 pages / ISBN: 9781585662746 / AU Press Code: AU-26]
  •  Divining Victory Airpower in the Israel-Hezbollah War

    Divining Victory Airpower in the Israel-Hezbollah War

    William Arkin
    The 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War may well be a paradigm for twenty-first century warfare. The technically sophisticated Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were confronted by a much smaller but well-armed and highly unconventional “state within a state” opponent. Israel launched an intensive 34-minute air assault designed to essentially disarm Hezbollah; it did not. Hezbollah’s interspersion within the civilian population presented major targeting problems for the IDF, setting up condemnation of Israel’s “over-reaction” in the international press. Airpower became the big loser in the press and after-action reports. Divining Victory examines the decisions, the effects, and the lessons learned for those who must confront similar enemies. [William Arkin / 2007 / 356 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-168-8 / AU Press Code: B-109]
  •  Engineering the Space Age

    Engineering the Space Age

    Lt Col Robert V. Brulle, USAF, Retired
    Few people have experienced as much aerospace history as Bob Brulle, and fewer still possess his meticulous recall and research skills. The P-47 fighter pilot turned engineer, inventor, educator, and author found himself immersed in the Cold War race to the moon, developing cutting-edge technology, instructing future astronauts in aerodynamics and orbital mechanics, perfecting high-performance fighter aircraft to meet the Soviet challenge, overseeing the procurement of new weapon systems, and exploring alternative energy sources. In Engineering the Space Age, he shares his unique personal insights into the triumphs and tragedies of one of the most exciting eras in American history. [Lt Col Robert V. Brulle, USAF, Retired / 2008 / 290 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-184-8 / AU Press Code: B-113]
  •  Fighting Proliferation

    Fighting Proliferation

    Henry Sokolski
    The authors of this collection of essays examine such issues as devising effective strategy against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, coping with the spread of space technology, and curbing Iran's and North Korea's strategic programs. The contributors address these challenges and their implications for US policy in the book's five divisions. Part 1 explores how best to reform existing nonproliferation efforts. Part 2 considers new high-leverage systems likely to threaten the US in the near future. Parts 3 and 4 focus on two new truculent proliferators—North Korea and Iran. Part 5 discusses the need to develop a long-term diplomatic, political, economic, and military strategy against proliferation. Fighting Proliferation places itself in the mainstream of opposition to proliferation and the search for practical, policy-relevant approaches to dealing with it. [Henry Sokolski / 1996 / 396 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-017-5 / AU Press Code: B-19]
  •  Following the Flag

    Following the Flag

    Lt Gen Lloyd R. “Dick” Leavitt, USAF, Retired
    General Leavitt’s career coincided exactly with much of the period comprising the Cold War era. The path he took through the military provides a rare behind-the-scenes view of events that are in turn startling, unpredictable, sobering, and entertaining. These accounts weave together a most unique chronicle of the decades from the mid-1940s until the early 1980s. He had a front seat not only to the people and incidents that made headlines but also to conversations and episodes to which only a few were privy. His accounts will enlarge the perception of this distinctive time span in our military-political history. General Leavitt’s flying assignments included fighters, bombers, and the U-2. His final assignment was Vice Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command. [Lt Gen Lloyd R. “Dick” Leavitt, USAF, Retired / 2010 / 659 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-205-0 / AU Press Code: B-114]
  •  Force and Accommodation in World Politics

    Force and Accommodation in World Politics

    Stanley E. Spangler
    Dr. Spangler shows that conciliatory approaches or accommodative measures have frequently been avoided by the United States in its foreign relations and, if used, have too often been undervalued in comparison to military force. He develops a model or conceptual approach to foreign policy that he calls "positive diplomacy," which is to him a preferable method of integrating force and diplomacy in this very complicated and increasingly dangerous world. [Stanley E. Spangler / 1991 / 380 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-040-X / AU Press Code: B-42]
  •  From the Line in the Sand

    From the Line in the Sand

    Michael P. Vriesenga
    Captain Vriesenga presents a compilation of essays by 34 participants below the rank of major who contributed to the Gulf War. Their stories focus on such topics as deployment, organizational patterns of units, delegation of authority and responsibility, emotions and psychology of combat, the impact of combat losses, airfield construction, medical care, and aircraft preparations. [Michael P. Vriesenga / 1994 / 289 / ISBN 1-58566-012-4 / B-14]
  •  From the Mind to the Feet

    From the Mind to the Feet

    The 12 essays in this volume examine the concept of intent in defense, security, and foreign-policy contexts. They provide operational and academic perspectives on measuring the intent of adversaries, including nation-states and nonstate actors, and understanding the relationship of intent to behavior. The essays apply the insights and methods of multiple disciplines—anthropology, psychology, political science, neuroscience, and others—to the study of intent, for which there is currently no coherent body of research. As Lt Gen Robert Elder, USAF, retired, notes, we are good at estimating an adversary’s capabilities but not as good at estimating his intent. To influence an adversary’s behavior, we must understand the perception-to-intent-to-action dynamic that underlies his behavior. This collection of essays, which emerged from a Department of Defense Strategic Multilayer Assessment, provides perspectives for doing so. The authors represent multiple agencies and fields of study; some are academics, and some are military subject-matter experts. Their expertise includes decision and behavioral analysis, social psychology, warfare and military strategy, political behavior, applications of neuroscience to behavioral studies, foreign policy, and antiterrorism. [Kuznar-Astorino-Courtois-Canna / 2011 / 169 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-212-8 / AU Press Code: B-123]
  •  Future Trends and US National Security

    Future Trends and US National Security

    John T. Ackerman, Lt Col (ret), and Kathleen Mahoney-Norris, Col (ret), eds.
    The study of the future is difficult. Political, social, economic, technological, environmental, and military trends create enormous pressures that drive the patterns and currents that shape the future. All of the research methods—quantitative or qualitative—expand what we know about the present to help us understand what the future may bring. The research theses in this book attempt to develop future visions which offer insights into long-range strategies, policies, and plans that will augment and prepare US national security policy for a spectrum of uncertain futures. These theses help us anticipate opportunities and threats and consider how to address them. [John T. Ackerman, Lt Col (ret), and Kathleen Mahoney-Norris, Col (ret), eds. / 2015 / 302 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-242-5 / AU Press Code: B-137]
  •  Future War [ONLINE ONLY]

    Future War [ONLINE ONLY]

    Jeffery R. Barnett
    Colonel Barnett compares the next 15 years to the 15 years between World Wars I and II. He concludes that the changes between the two world wars may be dwarfed by those occurring within the next decade and one-half. He envisions possible wars with niche competitors and peer competitors, giving theoretical scenarios of each. Colonel Barnett views communications technology and stealth technology as keys to victory in future war. [Jeffery R. Barnett / 1996 / 196 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-004-3 / AU Press Code: B-5]
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