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  •  Heirpower!


    Bob Vasquez
    “So you're 22 years old, you've just gotten your commission, you've arrived at your first duty station, you’ve met with your commander, and you’re now ‘in charge’ of a group of enlisted men and women, all of whom have been in service longer than you, know a whole lot more about military life than you, and are expecting more than you know. To top it all off, your first ‘subordinate’ happens to be a 30-year veteran of every war you ever read about, and his rank is, yes, E-9. He’s not an E-10 only because that rank doesn’t exist. Now what do you do? Let me tell you. . . .” In Heirpower! Eight Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants, CMSgt Bob Vásquez, an Air Force veteran of more than 30 years, now serving as director of a freshman seminar at the US Air Force Academy’s Center for Character Development, shares the views of the enlisted force in a powerful, humorous, anecdotal way that will educate and entertain you. Bob’s eight habits will empower you to become an Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenant! [Bob Vasquez / 2006 / 93 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-154-6 / AU Press Code: B-100]
  •  Technology Horizons

    Technology Horizons

    Office of the US Air Force Chief Scientist
    A 2011 Air Force chief of staff reading list selection, Technology Horizons assesses what is credibly achievable from a technical perspective to give the Air Force capabilities suited for the strategic, technology, and budget environments of the next two decades. While visionary, its view is informed by the strategic context in which these technology-derived capabilities will be used. It has sought to envision not only US joint and allied opportunities for using technologies, but also ways that adversary capabilities could be derived from them using entirely different concepts of operations or war-fighting constructs. [Office of the US Air Force Chief Scientist / 2012 / 238 pages / ISBN: 78-1-58566-217-3 / AU Press Code: B-126]
  •  Low-Intensity Conflict in the Third World

    Low-Intensity Conflict in the Third World

    Lewis B. Ware
    A common thread ties together the five case studies of this book: the persistence with which the bilateral relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union continues to dominate American foreign and regional policies. These essays analyze the LIC environment in Central Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa. [Lewis B. Ware 1988 / 189 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-022-1 / AU Press Code: B-24]
  •  A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors

    A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors

    David R. Mets
    A Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors: A Handbook for Personal Professional Study traces the evolution of military airpower from its infancy through Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Designed to introduce company-grade Airmen to the ideas, people, and materiel associated with military airpower, this volume and its suggestions for further reading can aid a lifetime study of the knowledge and expertise that define the profession of an Airman. The Companion for Aspirant Air Warriors discusses the role of airpower in each major conflict of the twentieth century, including the Cold War, and twenty-first-century operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also examines topics such as diversity in American airpower, remotely piloted vehicles, and expeditionary airpower. A foldout timeline provides a helpful chronological overview of important airpower concepts, events, and texts. [David R. Mets / 2010 / 185 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-206-7 / AU Press Code: B-119]
  •  A Discourse on Winning and Losing

    A Discourse on Winning and Losing

    Col John R. Boyd, USAF, Retired; Edited and Compiled by Dr. Grant T. Hammond
    A Discourse on Winning and Losing is the first book published on John R. Boyd’s famous same-titled briefing. A maverick fighter pilot devoted to the Air Force and its mission, Boyd challenged orthodoxy including fighter tactics and the theory of how wars were to be fought. Inspiring radically different opinions, he had the courage to state his views—and defend them regardless of consequence. His ideas have influenced the military as well as business, politics, and education. Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich stated that Boyd “changed American military doctrine and made Desert Storm possible” while former defense secretary James Schlesinger remarked that “the military services should welcome more people like Colonel John Boyd.” [Col John R. Boyd, USAF, Retired; Edited and Compiled by Dr. Grant T. Hammond / 2018 / 400 pages / ISBN: 978585662791 / AU Press Code: B-151]
  •  Resilient Effective Adaptable Leadership

    Resilient Effective Adaptable Leadership

    Jonathan D. Sawtelle
    Adaptation is required to stay ahead of the competition or an adversary, remain relevant, or increase effectiveness. Military leaders must self-evaluate and confront any barriers inhibiting their growth in this area. Sawtelle provides opportunities to reflect on leadership in an uncommon context. Self-reflection—made more credible by a certain level of discomfort— can shed light on personal and cultural blind spots. There are six common blind spots in modern military culture inhibiting the comprehensive development of more advanced leaders to achieve resilient intent: trust, risk, investment of time, ownership, technology dependence, and personal adaptability. These elements can serve as catalysts for reflection and dialogue to aid in the evolution of modern leadership culture to best prepare for surprise, disruption, and crisis. [Jonathan D. Sawtelle / 2016 / 115 pages / ISBN: 9781585662685 / AU Press Code: B-146]
  •  Airpower for Strategic Effect

    Airpower for Strategic Effect

    Colin S. Gray
    Airpower for Strategic Effect is intended to contribute to the understanding of airpower—what it is, what it does, why it does it, and what the consequences are. This is the plot: airpower generates strategic effect. Airpower’s product is strategic effect on the course of strategic history. Everything about military airpower is instrumental to the purpose of securing strategic effect. [Colin S. Gray/ 2012 / 367 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-218-0 / AU Press Code: B-122]
  •  The Evolution of the Cruise Missile

    The Evolution of the Cruise Missile

    Kenneth P. Werrell
    Although among the newest of US weapons, the cruise missile possesses a rich conceptual and technological heritage. The author addresses this heritage and the importance of understanding it when we consider deployment and employment options. Without the perspective provided by this history, our perception of the cruise missile's purpose and use lacks depth and understanding. [Kenneth P. Werrell / 1985 / 303 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-005-1 / AU Press Code: B-6]
  •  Setup


    Earl H. Tilford Jr.
    American military professionals, especially the US Air Force, have had a difficult time understanding their role in this nation's defeat in Vietnam. Dr Tilford provides a critical self-analysis and questions the underlying assumptions of the Air Force's strategy in Southeast Asia. He argues that we must understand what went wrong in Vietnam and why and not manipulate the record and paint failure as victory. He explains what led to the "setup," which not only resulted in a failure for airpower but also contributed to the fall of South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to Communist forces in 1975. [Earl H. Tilford Jr. / 1991 / 328 pages / ISBN: 1-58566-038-8 / AU Press Code: B-40]
  •  The Air University Pantheon of Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Thinkers

    The Air University Pantheon of Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Thinkers

    Lt Col Vicki J. Rast, USAF, Ret., Compiler
    An initiative of Gen Steven R. Lorenz, former Air University commander, the Air University Pantheon of Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Thinkers is an effort to identify the intellectual roots of Air University. Together, these biographies provide a framework for understanding the evolution of Air University and its powerful legacy in providing a forum for academic discourse, contributing to dramatic changes in the employment of airpower. Air University has been graced with individuals possessing imagination and keen intellect and the fortitude to bring their vision to reality. May their examples inspire a future generation to add its fresh ideas and unconventional viewpoints so that the Air Force can continue to preserve America’s peace and security. In part because Air University serves as a forum for innovative thought and discussion, the United States continues to be the preeminent air, space, and cyberspace power. [Lt Col Vicki J. Rast, USAF, Ret., Compiler / 2009 / 120 pages / ISBN: 978-1-58566-192-3 / AU Press Code: B-117]
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